So I went to the Geek Fashion Week fashion show and "after party" last night. I think this tweet sums up how it went best:

It was about 2 hours late starting with no apology or explanation as to what happened to the "panels" that were supposed to entertain us before the actual show started.

Also, this guy was there:…

Any Being Human (American version) fans out there? That link is for you.

As for the actual runway? Lots of corsets, tutus, and spandex. Meh.

I was hoping for at least a couple of guys (which there were more than enough of in attendance to wrangle a decent set out of) showing off geeky menswear which is vastly underrepresented.


Or, at least more than 3 designers so we could get some inspiration out of it.

I get it, it's their first year doing this outside of an established convention setting. It's hard to get vendors, sponsors, and decent organization when it's your first time throwing the show. I'll give it another year at least.

But if you're going to have a cash bar, at the very least you need ot provide a decent dancing space and music if you're going to call something an "after party."


Fashion Fail :(